What is SIGMA?

I formed SIGMA because I had heard more original and appropriate
futurism on panels at any given science fiction convention than in all
the forecasting meetings I ever attended while in D.C.

–SIGMA Founder Dr. Arlan Andrews, Sr.
ASME White House Fellow, 1992-1993
White House Science Office (OSTP)

SIGMA is a group of science fiction writers who offer futurism consulting to the United States government and appropriate NGOs. We provide a new concept in public service “think tanks”– an association of speculative writers who have spent careers exploring the future. Many of us have earned Ph.D.s in high tech fields, and some presently hold Federal and defense industry positions. Each is an accomplished science fiction author who has postulated new technologies, new problems and new societies, explaining the possible science and speculating about the effects on the human race.

The nation needs new and innovative solutions, particularly in national defense and homeland security. But simply extrapolating technology is not enough for prediction, when estimating its effects on war, society and the economy. Too often the same players have defined the terms of the debate and have specified the outcomes.

The answer to this conundrum is to bring in new minds, with new eyes and new viewpoints. This is what SIGMA uniquely offers. With a solid background of scientific, engineering and literary achievements, as well as educated insights on the future, SIGMA offers uncommon capabilities to address existing and future issues of national concern. The combination of technical expertise with decades of thoughtful consideration of possible futures gives SIGMA a unique set of talents for advising on new technologies,future developments and disruptive events.

Alone among consultant groups, SIGMA is not bound by political considerations, bureaucracy, protocol, tradition, funding,oversight or turf battles, and we are not shy in sharing our visions. For these reasons, SIGMA is an ideal intermediary to facilitate agency and national discussions on all aspects of the future.

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